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A unique and exclusive approach
to learn how to work with
Hyperion, Oracle, Tagetik and Anaplan solutions.





A Blended Learning offer

Digital thanks to novative and agile solution
which adapts to your needs and availability.

Collaborative thanks to interchanges with peers
and interractions with experts on key notions.



My Nell' Learning prescription

It is a mix of remote and on-site sessions,
made of team case study and indivudual work.
The aim is to sustain the learner's interest and involvement.

  - 1 -
A remote Introduction with experts interviews, tutorials, demos and online workshops.
- 2 -
A personnal case study to put into practice what you have learned, My Nell'Learning provides support if needed.
- 3 -
An on-site session to share best pratices and deepen most complex topics.




How is My Nell' Learning born?

Everything started last summer with the
Challenge Hack My Nell':

During 2 months, all the Nell'Armonians
have spoken up their creativity and sens of humour
to invent THEIR new My Nell' Learning.


Do you want to learn more? Contact My Nell' Learning team: , +33 (0)1 47 47 11 87